Welcome to Emmaus

Serving Colleges, Universities, Churches and Lay Ministries
Providing Educational Tours in a Biblical Context
Instructors: Dr. Steven Notley, Dr. Wink Thompson and Dr. David Emanuel

Emmaus Educational Services is an initiative intended to assist students, clergy and laity to engage and understand the geographical, historical, cultural and religious context of the biblical world. Whether touring the sites of Israel, Turkey or Greece, on-site study of a biblical account enhances the richness of God's Word and reveals His redemptive history.

One of our primary objectives is to introduce you to the land, the languages, and the literature of the Old and New Testaments in order to illuminate the meaning of the biblical text. It is our hope that one day you will be able to join us as we share Scripture in the various lands, cities and villages of the biblical world where prophets, priests, kings, apostles and Jesus shared the Good News of the Gospel.