August 7-18, 2012


Contained in this communication is information basic to your trip to Israel. Please review this material carefully. Updates do take place from time to time so review this material periodically.

This program to Israel centers upon the land and lives of Old Testament and New Testament personalities. A blending of Old Testament and New Testament themes serves as guidelines. Emphasis is placed upon the roles of Prophets, Priests, Kings and the ministry of Jesus within the landscape, culture and context of Old Testament and New Testament narratives. Numerous discussions will take place during travel times while on the bus and at various sites. The program is to focus on five instructional themes. (1) To introduce you to the landscape of Ancient Israel and the geographical features that influenced much of its biblical history. (2) To visit key geographical regions and sites associated with Old and New Testament history and familiar biblical personalities. (3) To visit key regions and sites associated with Jesus’ ministry and the Apostles’ ministry within Israel. (4) To expose you to relevant geographical, historical, cultural, religious, literary, and rabbinic elements in an effort to synthesize and appreciate the context of biblical messages and discourses from both the Old Testament and New Testament. (5) To enhance your understanding of biblical events in order to assist you in your personal study growth and your personal faith growth.

Pastor Bernard and Dr. Steve Notley are the principle leaders of this trip. Other CCC leaders will also be in attendance. In addition to your church leadership, Israeli guides will escort you throughout the land and serve as your primary resource for historical, archaeological, biblical and cultural information. Because there are five buses and 200 participants scheduled for this trip, Pastor Bernard and Dr. Notley will join your bus and guide from time to time to interact on a more personal level. There will be several occasions during our travels when we will have shared fellowship with all 200 participants.

A notebook has been prepared for you as a study and learning aid. The notebook contains maps, charts, diagrams, and notes that will assist you in your appreciation of the various biblical events we will discuss. The notebook will be distributed about two weeks prior to your scheduled departure date.

Bus Dynamics: We are scheduled to have 5 buses with 42 persons on each bus plus an Israeli guide. At a later date you will have the opportunity to sign up for a particular bus. Once assigned to a bus you will remain with that bus throughout the entire stay while in Israel. No bus-jumping is allowed.
Hotel Dynamics: We are all staying at the same hotel. Room are double occupancy with two beds. You will be allowed to select a roommate or one will be assigned.
Meal Dynamics: Your morning and evening meals are provided at the hotel. Your lunch meals are provided at various restaurants as we travel the land. All meals are provided except for 2 lunches while in Jerusalem.
Itinerary and Daily Scheduling: The daily schedule is pre-established but remains flexible. See the Calendar or the Itinerary for details. When circumstances permit, additional sites will be added to the schedule. When necessary the daily itinerary will be adjusted to take advantage of changing circumstances. Sites may be visited in an order other than that published. Be prepared for flexibility regarding our daily activities.
Physical Demands: We have done our very best to maximize this trip into a most unique and rewarding program for you. Its uniqueness, and the land itself, do require some physical exertion at times. Light-weight hiking shoes or good tennis shoes with deep treads are best. The land is not smooth under foot and many trails are covered in rocks or gravel. If you are not walking uphill, you will be walking downhill or side hill. Your shoes should be suited for open terrain walking and light hiking. Street shoes and heels are not needed and are not desirable for this trip.
Sheep versus Goats: It goes without saying that for this type of trip to be successful and to maximize our limited time in the Holy Land, we all must move as a group. A ten minute delay here, a ten minute delay there, and another delay of one kind or another can actually require us to eliminate a site planned for visitation. Our schedule is full and requires all of us to be punctual at departure times, and to follow your “shepherd” with diligence and closeness. Do not be a goat and wander off. The clock is always ticking against us and the last thing we desire is to spend valuable learning time looking for individuals that may have strayed too far from the flock when the rest of the flock is ready to go.

Contact the Israel Tour 2012 Coordinator at (718) 975-6643 or for Registration information.

See the Payment Schedule link .

You must be paid in full and have submitted a valid passport photocopy to CCC on or before Sunday, May 27th, 2012 to become a confirmed participant of this trip. If payment in full or passport documentation is not submitted to CCC on or before Sunday, May 27th, 2012, your participation on the trip may be forfeited. If your participation is forfeited, all money you have paid, minus the $1000 non-refundable deposit, will be refunded to you.

Anson F. Rainey and R. Steven Notley, Carta's New Century Handbook and Atlas of the Bible ($50)

Jerome Murphy O’Connor, The Holy Land, 4th edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press ($25)

In the event of an unforeseen change in the schedule, we promise you every effort will be taken to provide you with the same goals and objectives as outlined in the published itinerary. The published program price is subject to change should circumstances warrant. This would include (but not be limited to) changes in airfares, airport taxes, visa fees, airline fuel surcharges, rate changes by agents and their suppliers and changes in international exchange rates. For additional information see the Terms and Conditions located with your copy of your application.

Agencies used for this trip will not share your personal information with anyone not directly associated with the administrative needs to facilitate our domestic and international travels.

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