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I am Dr. Wink Thompson of Emmaus Education Services. I am the international administrator for the May 2014 Nyack and ATS trip to israel. It is my responsibility to coordinate all the international details of your trip. In order to effectively administer the trip I will need your cooperation. I will be in contact with you by email and phone requesting specific information from you. Please consider all my emails as high priority since much of the international management of your trip is time sensitive. I wish to thank you in advance for your timely cooperation when you receive one of my emails.

 #1 PRIORITY:  EMMAUS APPLICATION: All participants are required to complete the Emmaus online application. This includes all Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary students, staff and spouses as well as all private party participants not associated with Nyack College or Alliance Theological Seminary. The information you supply on the Emmaus application will allow administrators to begin international documentation and reservations on your behalf. See the Application link in the left panel of this web page or click the following link to go directly to the online Application Form: http://emmausonline.net/application/application.asp. It is important that you complete this requirement ASAP. If you do not have a Passport at this time, complete the Emmaus Application now and supply your passport information at a later date.

 #2 PRIORITY:  GSL REGISTRATION: If you are a student at Nyack College or Alliance Theological Seminary you are also required to complete the GSL online registration form. Please contact the GSL Office for additional assistance; Anna Couch, Global Service-Learning Assistant, NCRC, 845-675-4525, gslassist@nyack.edu. The GSL registration link is: http://www.nyack.edu/content/gslapply

#3 PRIORITY:  PASSPORT DOCUMENTATION: You are required to send Emmaus a color copy of the "picture"-page of your passport. You may email this required item to Emmaus or send it by surface mail. It is important that you complete this requirement ASAP. If you do not have a passport see the Passport link.

#4 PRIORITY: DEPOSIT and PAYMENTS: You are required to maintain the payment schedule. Click this link to visit the Payment Schedule.

ACADEMIC CREDIT PAYMENTS: If you are applying for academic credit you are to make your payments for academic credit as is your custom to the College or the Seminary. Do not pay Emmaus for academic credit fees.

EMAIL: Email will serve as the main form of communication between Emmaus and participants .


The following individuals are able to assist you should you have questions.

Dr. Wink Thompson, Emmaus Administrator, 252-622-4201,  wink@winkthompson.com
Dr. Steven Notley, Professor-Program Instructor, NCMC, Steven.Notley@nyack.edu
Dr. Luis Carlo, MCATS Students, luis.carlo@nyack.edu
Prof. Jeff Garcia, NCMC, Jeffrey.Garcia@nyack.edu
Mr. Scott Reitz, Coordinator for Global Service-Learning, NCRC, 845-675-4528,  Scott.Reitz@nyack.edu
Matt Moroney, Student Financial Services, NCRC, 845-675-4740, matthew.moroney@nyack.edu
Michael Campos, Assistant Registrar, NYC ATS, 646-378-6117, Michael.Campos@nyack.edu
Anna Couch, Global Service-Learning Assistant, NCRC, 845-675-4525, gslassist@nyack.edu

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