Medical Concerns

PHYSICAL DEMANDS:     We have done our very best to maximize this trip into a most unique and rewarding opportunity for you. Its uniqueness, and the land itself, do require some physical exertion at times. The land is not smooth under foot and many trails are covered in rocks or gravel. If you are not walking uphill, you will be walking downhill or side hill. In addition, there is a need to ascend or descend a great deal of steps during the course of our travels in Israel.

SHOES:     Wear comfortable walking shoes with “deep treads” as your primary footwear. Trekking tennis shoes or light-weight hiking shoes do well. Avoid heels (!), dress shoes (!), or street shoes (!). If there are no “deep treads” on your shoes, it is best to leave them at home. Traction is more important than fashion. The land of Israel is not smooth under foot and many trails are covered with rock or gravel. If you are not walking uphill, you will be walking downhill or side hill. Your shoes should be suited for open terrain walking and light hiking. Flip-flops are not acceptable as footwear during touring activities.

TRAVEL ILLNESS:     All of the participants on the trip will experience one or more of the three medical issues listed below. It is unavoidable. It is a fact of international travel that we all must face. If you are prepared in advance and have the proper medical aids, you can manage these discomforts successfully. If you neglect any one of the above, you can expect to spend a few days of medical Rest-and-Recovery in your hotel room. Not only will you be uncomfortable but also you will miss some valuable sites and instruction while not traveling with the group. Should circumstances warrant you will receive professional medical attention to bring you to a more speedy recovery.

DEHYDRATION: Israel has a very high solar intensity and as a result you will need to drink water more frequently to avoid dehydration.

DIARRHEA: This is most often caused as a result of your body adapting to new foods and new water. The food and water in Israel is sanitary, safe and comparable to USA standards. Nevertheless, most participants on the trip will undergo mild, moderate or more severe episodes of diarrhea. Be prepared with a 5-7 day supply of anti-diarrhea tablets.

CONSTIPATION: This is most often caused as a result of time zone adaptation and your body adapting to new foods and water. Most on the trip will undergo mild, moderate or more severe episodes of constipation. Be prepared with a 5-7 day supply of stool softeners and/or laxative tablets.

FIRST AID:     In addition to the above items also bring with you traditional first aid supplies such as band-aids, antibiotics, sun-block, aspirin, and a full supply of your prescription medicine. Experience has shown that it is not recommended you start or stop any medication just prior to the trip, but wait until the trip is concluded before you start or stop any medication. Treat all of the above symptoms early and immediately – do not hesitate. Please inform a group leader during the trip if you are experiencing any of the above illnesses. We want you to remain healthy for travel.

SUN HAT:     One of the best items to have with you (male and female) is a good sun hat providing ample shade. Israel has a high solar intensity throughout the year and dehydration is a routine medical issue – especially during the summer months. It is strongly recommended that you bring with you a hat that can provide you with ample head and facial shade. 

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  • "Can't thank you enough for your input in putting together our Israel adventure! Phil and I were absolutely amazed how beautifully the whole experience went. The schedule was full, but not overwhelming. Steve was incredibly flexible about tucking in extra sites as time allowed and interest was shown. He is an absolute treasure when it comes to guiding a group. Every site added to the richness of my understanding. I would hate to have missed any of them. Some of my sweetest memories where I was most touched were when we got our first glimpse of Jerusalem at sunset, with the driver playing the song " Jerusalem " on the bus. I was also incredibly moved to touch the Western Wall and have a chance to pray there. I hadn't expected such emotional responses in those places! One of the best parts of our trip was the timing. The Land was green and lush, with wild flowers growing everywhere. I think it really helped our group that Phil had us meet weekly before the trip and go over basic knowledge of the Land. That way we felt engaged before we even got there. The booklet you folks put together was also a great resource. To sum it all up, this was the trip of a lifetime for me! I was totally blessed by the experience and am sensing such new richness when I read the scriptures. Thank you for making it all possible. I know we will all be recommending the trip to our church family!!"
    L.A.O., Israel Trip