What to Bring

WALKING SHOES:     Wear comfortable walking shoes with “deep treads” as your primary footwear. Trekking tennis shoes or light-weight hiking shoes do well. Avoid heels (!), dress shoes (!), or street shoes (!). If there are no “deep treads” on your shoes, it is best to leave them at home. Traction is more important than fashion. The land of Israel is not smooth under foot and many trails are covered with rock or gravel. If you are not walking uphill, you will be walking downhill or side hill. Your shoes should be suited for open terrain walking and light hiking. Flip-flops are not acceptable as footwear during touring activities.

BROAD BRIMMED SUN HAT:     The months of May-September can be very warm in Israel. The heat index can reach over 100 F in some places we will visit. It is important for you to manage the heat and the sun’s intensity to avoid heat stress, which is very common in Israel. A hat providing ample shade is a must. Other sun items to consider are sunglasses, chap-stick and sun screen.

EARPHONE BUDS:     Throughout your tour you will have an audio receiver system which allows you to hear your instructor from a distance. These receivers come with an ear piece. You are welcome to use your personal earphone buds in place of the ear piece provided. Do not discard the original ear piece. It must be turned in prior to departing Israel. 

MODESTY KIT:     No “dress-up” clothes are needed. Casual wear is customary and more practical. Shorts are OK. No short-shorts please. Because we will be visiting “holy sites” there will be times when you (men and women) must dress more modestly (shoulders and knees covered). Portable “slip-over” or “wrap-around” or “zip-on” clothing is best for such occasions. This is your “Modesty Kit”. If you are wearing shorts, sleeveless tops or low neck lines be prepared to use your Modesty Kit to enter certain religious sites having clothing regulations.

PACKING and LAUNDRY:     Most people over-pack for international travel. A good rule of thumb is to pack your bags and then eliminate at least 20% of your items. This will reduce the amount of your contents and provide needed space for purchases made during your travel. There is limited space available on the bus for luggage. Please keep your luggage size and contents to a minimum. Luggage is limited to ONE primary travel bag and one small soft day-bag. In Jerusalem our hotel can send out your clothes for cleaning and have them returned to you the next day. Expect an average of $3-$4 per major item and $1-$2 for minor items. Please be aware that you are at times required to manage and transport your own luggage.

SUGGESTED CLOTHING LIST:     There is no single list of clothing articles that can meet the needs of everyone. However, the list below can offer you some assistance on what would be appropriate to bring.

                    1-2 pair of long casual pants or jeans
                    1-2 pair of shorts (no short-shorts)
                    1 light jacket, sweater or sweatshirt
                    7-8 days of shirts/blouses
                    7-8 days of socks
                    7-8 days of undergarments
                    1 pair comfortable trekking shoes
                    1 pair water-shoes, sandals or flip-flops  (in water use)
                    Swim suit (one-piece swimsuit please; cultural sensitivity)
                    Facial washcloths as needed (not available in all hotels)
                    Alarm clock
                    Wrist watch
                    Personal toiletry and medical items
                    Sun hat providing ample shade (required)
                    Electrical plug adapter(s) as needed for your personal electrical items
                    Small flashlight 

ELECTRICAL and PLUG ADAPTORS:     Our hotels are 4-star. Bath towel, bar soap, shampoo and a hair dryer are provided at all hotels. The electrical supply in Israel is 220 volts. Your small American appliances are 110 volts (hair dryer, curling iron, laptop, tablet and various chargers, etc.). Most American small appliances will convert the 220 volts down to 110 volts automatically. Check your electrical appliances in advance of departure. You will need a Type “C” plug adaptor for your small appliances. A Type “C” adapter is valid for Southern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. You will plug your appliance into the adapter and then the adapter into the wall socket.  

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  • " The Israel trip was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, and, I am continually told, of the lives of many in our group. From the generous efforts of Wink to make the trip a go in the midst of the financial instability of the world’s economic turbulence, to the incredibly informed, passionate and pastoral leadership of Steve, to the deeply enriching fellowship of the group, to the beauty and depth of richness of the land, this was a faith-journey like no other. Thank you Emmaus for helping make this a reality and for providing an opportunity to experience the land of Israel first-hand. The group feedback was nothing but enthusiastically positive to the point that people are still talking about it fondly. On behalf of the Toronto group, Thank You and God bless!"
    S.B. Israel Trip