Many participants on the excavation have already visited Jerusalem on prior tours with Emmaus (or with some other Israel tour opportunity). For those of you who are visiting Israel for the first time and desire a tour of the primary archaeological sites in Jerusalem an optional tour is available. This optional tour also includes a visit to Masada, Qumran and an opportunity to swim in the Dead Sea. The cost for this optional tour is not covered in your excavation payments. There is an additional fee for this optional tour. 

You may review the touring activities at the Daily Schedule link.

Additional fee is: $300*
*  This price is provisional and subject to change. 

To register for the Jerusalem and Dead Sea Tour Option you must send an email to requesting your participation. The additional $300 fee is to be added to your overall payment as indicated on the Cost and Payment Schedule page.


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  • "This trip was amazing. It was life-changing for me. I open the Bible and I don’t see it the same way as I did before. God did indeed encounter me many times through the trip, and He did that through Wink and Steve as instructors and through other people, and through the Word, and the Land. Words don’t describe my experience very well, and the pictures don’t do it justice. It was fantastic!"
    T.H., Israel Trip