Rex and Kathi Moody and Wink and Cris Thompson would like to invite you to join them on an unforgettable trip to Israel. 

Visit the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and so much more. We anticipate a great time as we explore the historical places and roots of our Judaic and Christian heritage. Dr. Wink Thompson, Rex’s first professor in Israel 20 years ago, will be our primary guide. You can count on Rex to provide the color commentary along the way! With geography, history, archaeology and culture as our resources, the land and people of ancient and modern Israel will become more meaningful, and even provide life applications for us who live a world far, far removed from Old Testament and New Testament Israel.  

Think of this as the most valuable course you will ever take (with no tests!). Plan to sit on steps belonging to the ancient Temple Mount (hint: Jesus walked on these same steps), float on the Dead Sea, walk down from the Mount of Beatitudes to the Sea of Galilee, explore Masada (snake trail anyone?), experience the sights, sounds and fragrances of Jerusalem’s Old City market places, walk down from the Mount of Olives to the Garden of Gethsemane as you gaze across to the walled city of Jerusalem. Experience your faith in 3D. You will never read scripture the same again. 

Rex and Wink have chosen to provide this joint travel opportunity as an unofficial finale to both of their teaching ministries in Israel. As a layman, Rex has been involved in the teaching of Scripture for over 20 years and has led five previous groups to Israel. Wink has a long history of instructing study-groups while living in Israel and today serves as the administrator of all Emmaus Educational Services' trips to Bible Lands. Their experience, friendship and understanding of the Scripture and the land of Israel will enhance our trip that much more.

Some of you have said, “Hey, when are you going back to Israel?” Now is your chance to join us. We are planning on about 40 participants for this trip. Half will be friends of Rex and Kathi (CA, WA) and half will be friends of Wink and Cris (NC). We already have half of the 40 participants we expect for this trip so do not delay submitting your application if you have a desire to go.

We all look forward to a wonderful and exciting time in Israel. It will be great to have you along.


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  • "The Israel trip was my first outside of the U.S. (not counting Mexico and Canada ). It is hard to imagine a higher quality experience than the one you and Steve put together for us. I feel deeply grateful for the effort you and Steve put into the whole program. Talk about an easy trip ... I didn't have to do anything logistically. This fact made it very relaxing and allowed me to reflect and be inquisitive which is how I learn best. Steve's knowledge, discussions, and speculations made the experience rich for all of us on the trip. An element of the program that I particularly enjoyed was the flexibility of schedule. Several diversions were well worth the time. The accommodations were incredible – especially in light of the trip cost."
    T.F, Israel Trip