Flights are confirmed. 

21 MAY 2018
Depart Chicago (ORD)
4:05 pm
Lufthansa 431 
22 MAY 2018
Arrive Frankfurt (FRA)
7:20 am
22 MAY 2018
Depart Frankfurt (FRA)
10:20 am
 Lufthansa 686
22 MAY 2018
Arrive Tel Aviv (TLV)
3:20 pm
2 JUNE 2018
Depart Tel Aviv (TLV)
4:50 am
Swiss 257 
2 JUNE 2018
Arrive Zurich (ZRH)
8:10 am
2 JUNE 2018
Depart Zurich (ZRH)
9:40 am
Swiss 6 
2 JUNE 2018
Arrive Chicago (ORD)
12:25 pm


TIME:     You should plan to arrive at ORD 3-4 hours prior to your scheduled departure

BRING:  Your passport and a second ID such as a driver's license

TICKET:   Your ticket is an e-ticket (electronic ticket). You only need your passport at check-in to receive your boarding passes for departure.

CHECK-IN:   There is no formal "group check-in" at the LUFTHANSA AIRLINES ticket counter. Upon arrival at ORD you are free to check-in as an individual passenger.

SEATING:   Your ticket is part of "group" ticket arrangements made with LUFTHANSA AIRWAYS. You are welcome to send Emmaus your seating preferences such as window, aisle, bulkhead, or vegetarian meals. You must send your request to Emmaus prior to February 15, 2018. Some airlines do not honor "group" ticket seating requests. Should this be the case with your airline carrier for this trip, you are welcome to make a seat change request at check-in. You may informally exchange seats with other participants once the cabin door has been closed. Please note that there is no online access for seat assignment requests or changes with "group" ticket arrangements.

FREQUENT FLYER MILES: Make arrangements for your frequent flyer miles when you check in. Lufthansa Airlines and Swiss Airlines are members of Star Alliance. 

DEPARTURE GATE TIME:   Please be at the ORD departure gate 1 hour prior to your scheduled departure time.

AIRLINE LUGGAGE RESTRICTIONS:   Airline luggage restrictions are as follows: (a) You are allowed one suitcase per person at no charge. (b) Your suitcase cannot exceed 62 inches (length + width + height). (c) Your suitcase cannot exceed 50 lbs. (d) In addition and at no charge, you may bring one carry-on bag. Your carry-on bag is not to exceed 9" x 14: x 22". (e) Other items approved for carry-on include 1 purse or briefcase or laptop computer or one item of similar or smaller size than those listed. Pack smart. There will be times in Israel when you are responsible to manage your own luggage. NOTE: Because of limited luggage storage space on your touring bus, it is requested that you bring only one primary suitcase.

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  • "I enjoyed the teaching, the sites and all accommodations. The expertise of a noted scholar and author, such as Dr. Notley, made the country “come alive.” The geographical knowledge of historical sites verses the traditional biblical sites was much appreciated. I particularly enjoyed meeting individuals from both the Jewish and Palestinian communities and having different viewpoints on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Thank you all for a trip never to be forgotten. Well done."
    D.R., Israel Trip