PAYMENT:   All checks are made payable to Emmaus Educational Services. Personal checks, money orders or cashier's checks are accepted. Credit card payments are not accepted.

               Emmaus Educational Services
               4915 Arendell St., Suite J-222
               Morehead City, NC 28557

CRITICAL CANCELLATION DEADLINE:   All cancellations made prior to February 22, 2018 receive a full refund. If you cancel from the trip on or after February 22, 2018 your $300 deposit is non-refundable. All funds paid to Emmaus (less cancellation and/or penalty fees) will be reimbursed promptly upon notification of your cancellation. 

SINGLE ROOM SUPPLEMENT FEE IS $1200:   All Emmaus trip prices are based of double occupancy. If you requested a single room there is an additional fee. Please add the single room supplement fee of $1200 to your final payment to Emmaus. 

AMOUNT DUE:  $4450
Price is provisional until all airline and hotels rates are confirmed.
Anticipated price confirmation date is August 15, 2017. 

Payment Due
 Deposit Due with Application   $300 Payment 1   
 November 15, 2017   $1350 Payment 2  
 January 15, 2018   $1350 Payment 3  
 March 15, 2018   $1450 Payment 4 Must be paid in full as of this date 


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  • "Excellent trip! I enjoyed it very much; especially when we visited those archaeological sites that are not yet open to the public! Geography, History, Culture, Language, Bible exegesis -- multi disciplines in the teaching during the trip. It has been an eye, mind and heart opening experience for me. I really appreciate the teachings as well as all the administrative arrangements. Thank you."
    P.W., Israel Trip