If you plan to arrive in Israel 1, 2 or 3 days in advance of the group arrangements, Emmaus is willing to request reservations for you at our group hotel in Herzliya (Sharon Hotel). The cost is $150 per person per night and includes the evening meal and breakfast. For a single room the cost is $270 per night. Emmaus will add this cost to your final payment. For hotel reservations other than at the Sharon Hotel, you will need to make your own arrangements. 

Whatever your early arrival plans might be, you need to be aware of the following. Our trip is during the religious holiday season of Succoth, the Feast of Tabernacles. Hotels are near capacity during this holiday season. Please note that hotels do not provide shuttle service from the airport. You will need to take a private taxi (WHITE) or a shared taxi (YELLOW) to your destination. Train and bus service is also available at the airport, but limited or no service is available on Saturdays.  


Standard hotel procedures are in effect. Your room will be available for you upon arrival. 


October 7 is a Saturday and is Shabbat for the Jewish populace. Restricted hotel check-in procedures will be in effect on Saturday. Shabbat does not end until approximately 7:00 pm Saturday evening and most hotels will not permit access to your room until after Shabbat ends. You will most likely not have access to your room until 9:00 pm. However, you are welcome to check-in at your hotel upon arrival, store your luggage, enjoy the hotel facilities and wait until your room is available. Upon arrival in Israel on Saturday, October 7 please be prepared for a late access to your room regardless of your hotel choice. 


A taxi from the airport to the Sharon Hotel is around $80. At TLV airport when you exit Baggage Claim you will enter into the airport Arrival Hall Lobby. Directly in front of you and over the main door is a sign that says "Taxi" – exit there. Once outside walk about 75 yards to the left until you see a modest "Taxi” booth and an attendant. See the taxi attendant for your taxi to the hotel. The taxi attendant will assign you a taxi and give you the exact cost. All private taxis are WHITE in color. Do not hail a taxi. Pay the driver upon arrival at the hotel. Tipping is optional at 5%-10%. Here is your hotel information: Sharon Hotel, 4 Ramat Yam St., Herzliya, Israel. The local hotel phone number is 09-952-5777.


You also need to give consideration to where you plan to meet the group on October 8 if your early arrival reservation is not at the Sharon Hotel. You have two choices if you are not staying at the group hotel. One, return to the airport on October 8 to take one of the scheduled bus transfers to the group hotel. Or two, take a taxi or public transportation from your hotel to the Sharon Hotel in Herzliya. The group hotel is about 8 miles north of Tel Aviv and 28 miles north of Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV). 


Emmaus will need the following information from you if you plan an early arrival in Israel.
      1. Your flight itinerary.
      2. Your overnight hotel(s).
      3. Where you plan to meet the group on October 8.
             a. I plan to go to the TLV airport to take the 1:00 pm bus transfer to the Sharon Hotel 
             b. I plan to go to the TLV airport to take the 6:00 pm bus transfer to the Sharon Hotel 
             c. I plan to meet the group at the Sharon Hotel


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  • "My trip to Israel was and will probably be the most memorable and thrilling trip of my life! I will never read the Bible the same as I now have a better understanding of the land, the people, the history, the Biblical perspective and so much more! Wink was so knowledgeable and adept at conveying the vast amount of information that he has acquired through his education and experience. After arriving at each of our destinations, we would be reminded to turn on our personal remote wireless headset and it was like having your own personal tour guide in your ear. It was wonderful, as you never had to worry about missing something he said! If you strayed from the group, you could always depend on Cris to help you find your way back. They make a great team! All the accommodations were fantastic and the food was always fresh, plentiful and delicious!"
    D.D., Israel Trip