If you are not taking one of the recommended roundtrip flight schedules to Toronto or Newark, please schedule your departure flight from Tel Aviv to take place between 10:00 PM October 19 and 12:30 PM October 20. These departure hours represent the most popular return flights to the USA and Canada. If you plan a departure on October 20, your hotel room is covered by Emmaus. If your departure flight is later than 12:30 pm on October 20 your transportation to the airport is not covered by Emmaus but Emmaus will assist with your airport transportation arrangements. Please see the Recommended Flights/Arriving Israel link for the recommended roundtrip flight schedules.


Once all flight itineraries are reported to Emmaus, Emmaus will schedule bus transfers and other means of transportation to facilitate your return to TLV airport. 

VAT -- Value Added Tax 

If you made a purchase of $100 or more while in Israel a 17% Value Added Tax may have been applied at the time of your purchase. Not all merchandise is subject to a VAT. If a VAT was charged at the time of purchase and your purchase was $100 or more this tax is refundable at the airport provided you follow these instructions.

A standard receipt is not enough to ensure your refund, so even if the store's employee tells you otherwise, insist they write you out a special tax-refund invoice, also known as a Change Place tax refund form. The form must be pre-printed with the store's name. If an employee tries to make an excuse as to why they can't provide you with the special form, you can use it as an opportunity to bargain for a lower price or take it as a sign that you should shop elsewhere.

To get your money back, visit the VAT tax refund booth in the Ben-Gurion Airport departure hall prior to checking your baggage. You will need to present both the receipts as well as the purchased items, so make sure to pack your VAT purchases in your baggage in a manner that is easy to access. 

Keep your packages unopened and do not break any seals since either of these conditions will void your opportunity for a refund.

Finally, remember that you’ll need to show your tourist visa to claim your refund. Proof of your tourist visa is either (1) the little paper document with your picture on it that you received upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport or (2) the stamped visa seal applied to your passport at Passport Control. 

You will then receive a VAT refund document which you present elsewhere to redeem your refund. Keep the documentation available and proceed to check-in for your flight. Once you arrive in the Departure Rotunda look for the sign indicating the VAT redemption center. You may request US Dollars for your refund. Be aware that your refund is subject to a service commission, and it can fluctuate depending on the current exchange rate of your home currency and whether or not the money is returned to a credit card. 

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  • "Just to let you know that I was very pleased with the trip to Turkey . I hope to be able to take another trip with Emmaus in the future! I'm sending a picture of Steve Notley talking to the group about Acts 19 while in the theatre in Ephesus . The trip was well organized on both sides of the Atlantic. Dr. Notley was great, our guide and driver were very friendly. I was pleased with the schedule, even though I normally like more time to explore on my own time, I thought this was a good mix and did provide me with some flexibility. Based on my experience, I would definitely like to return to Turkey, and would definitely be interested in another Emmaus trip."
    R.W, Turkey Trip