Pilgrimage to Israel
October 30 - November 12, 2018  



Pastoral Hosts 
Rev. Jim and Annette Fergusson

We are delighted that you have decided to join us on our journey to the Holy Land. We are sure that this trip will have an impact on your spiritual life and that when you have returned home, memories of this special place will continue to surprise you with their intensity. 

We first met Dr. Steve Notley and Dr. Wink Thompson in 2001 when Jim and I took the course “Jesus and His Times” at Jerusalem University College. Steve was our instructor and had actually designed the program. We are delighted that he has been able to find the time from his very busy schedule to lead and teach our group. Steve guided our 2016 Israel trip and you will find his teaching inspiring. Wink was also an instructor at Jerusalem University College at that time. Wink has also led one of our tours to the Holy Land which we very much enjoyed. Wink serves as both an instructor and as an administrator for trips to Israel. We are grateful for his hard work in making the land arrangements for us for this present trip. 

We know that during this trip new friendships will be forged; the words of Scripture will come alive; and a love for the land will quietly settle upon you. 

We look forward to this amazing journey with you! 

Annette and Jim Fergusson




Emmaus Road Ministries

Israel Trip
March 1-14, 2016
Hosted by Rev. Jim and Annette Fergusson

NOTE #1: EMMAUS EDUCATIONAL SERVICES ONLINE APPLICATION: All participants are required to complete the Emmaus online application. Your information is not shared outside of administrative circles. Please have your passport available when you complete the online application. See the link at the top to the page for the Application.

NOTE #2: COST, DEPOSIT and PAYMENTS: Please contact Annette Fergusson at eretreat@telus.net for all financial matters. 

EMAIL: Email will serve as the main form of communication between Emmaus Educational Services and participants.

UPDATES: Please browse the various links periodically to stay up to date with any changes that may have been implemented. 

Dr. Wink Thompson, Emmaus Educational Services, Administrator, 252-622-4201 (Eastern Time Zone), wink@winkthompson.com  
Annette Fergusson, Emmaus Road Ministries, eretreat@telus.net


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  • "Rarely a day passes when I don't think of something we did while on that wonderful trip. During the past year I have received many invitations from churches, Bible study groups, men’s breakfast groups as well as secular organizations to share of my experiences in Israel. God is sure using our time together in Israel as means of sharing his word in ways I would otherwise have never had the opportunity to do. Interest in Israel here in my community is so high at present. I use a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate my message. Many of the photos I use come from the collection you so kindly gave us after our departure - again, thank you. One of your opening remarks I remember was that while we would be introduced to much while in Israel during the two weeks of the tour, we would probably spend a lifetime unpacking the experience in our Christian walk. I think of that often and I want to let you know that your words are proving to be so true. I look forward to one day accompanying you (Wink) and Steve on another tour, perhaps back to Israel or even to Greece and Turkey. I am praying for your ministry and thank God for your work, may He continually richly bless you."
    M.T., Israel Trip