I am Dr. Wink Thompson of Emmaus Educational Services. I am the Israel administrator for your trip and I am pleased to be associated with Emmaus Road Ministries once again. I will be working closely with Jim and Annette Fergusson to coordinate all the Israel details of your trip. In order to effectively administer the trip, I will need your cooperation. There will be times when I will be in contact with you by email and phone requesting specific information. Please consider all my emails as high priority since much of the international management of your trip is time sensitive. I wish to thank you in advance for your timely cooperation when you receive one of my emails. 

NOTE #1: EMMAUS EDUCATIONAL SERVICES ONLINE APPLICATION: All participants are required to complete the Emmaus Educational Services online application. See the tab at the top to this page for the Application. Your information is not shared outside of administrative circles. Please have your passport available when you complete the online application. 

NOTE #2: COST, DEPOSIT and PAYMENTS: Please contact Annette Fergusson at for all financial matters. Do not make any payments to Emmaus Educational Services. 

NOTE #3: EMAIL: Email will serve as the main form of communication between Emmaus Educational Services and participants. Please provide an active email address on the application.

NOTE #4: UPDATES: Please browse the various links periodically to stay up to date with any changes that may have been implemented. 

NOTE #5: UPLOAD YOUR PASSPORT: You are required to upload your passport's "picture"-page to this website. See the Passport and Visa tab at the top of this page for additional instructions.

Jim and Annette Fergusson, Emmaus Road Ministries,
Dr. Wink Thompson, Emmaus Educational Services, Administrator, 252-622-4201 (Eastern Time Zone),

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  • "The program was excellent and I will recommend it highly for anyone who wishes to tour Israel. Wink, you and Steve did a superb job of planning and organizing the tour, and your guidance throughout was fantastic. You both showed enormous concern for our safety and health. I appreciated the interesting way in which you integrated information about the geography, topography, history, archaeology, religions, and social dynamics of the region. Your presentations were scholarly, very interesting, and infused with good humor! I also appreciated your flexibility of plans which allowed us to tour places not on the original itinerary. Lodging and meals were very good, and the service at the hotels was friendly and very good. All of the fascinating field trips and your presentations along the way have really deepened my understanding of Scripture. Almost any book I turn to in the Bible now speaks of a place we have walked through or at least viewed. It is very exciting! Thank you again for making this wonderful adventure possible for our group."
    S.H., Israel Trip