Greeting Fellow Pilgrims,

After an amazing tour in 2012, Dr. David Emanuel and Pastor Russell Mcleod are pleased to invite you to join them on another unforgettable trip to Israel -- the Holy Land.

Visit the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and other places familiar to you in Scripture. We anticipate a great time as we explore an array of archeological and historical sites, delve deeper into Scripture and explore the roots of our Judaic and Christian heritage. With geography, history, archaeology and culture as our resources, the land and people of ancient and modern Israel will become more meaningful, and even provide life applications for us who live a world far, far removed from Old Testament and New Testament Israel. 

Think of this as the most valuable course you will ever experience (with no tests!). Plan to sit on steps belonging to the ancient Temple Mount (hint: Jesus walked on these same steps), float on the Dead Sea, walk down from the Mount of Beatitudes to the Sea of Galilee, explore Masada, experience the sights, sounds and fragrances of Jerusalem’s Old City market places, walk down from the Mount of Olives to the Garden of Gethsemane as you gaze across to the walled city of Jerusalem. Experience the Bible in 3D. You will never read your Bible the same again.

Dr. Emanuel lived in Israel for 11 years where he obtained his PhD in Old Testament from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Whilst living in Israel, David served as an elder in a Hebrew-speaking Messianic church, and he currently still has strong ties to this community. He has led tours to Israel for Emmaus since 2012, and currently serves as Associate Professor in Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins at Nyack College.

Pastor Mcleod has visited Israel on numerous occasions and has gained valuable insights into the land of the Bible. He has a Doctorate of Ministry from Drew University and is currently an Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry at Nyack College.

Since returning from his last tour in 2015, Dr. Emanuel has had many requests to lead another trip. Now is your chance to join him and Pastor Mcleod. We are planning on having between 30-40 participants on this trip. Many participants are returning from Olivet Gospel Church (New York). Others in attendance will be friends from Mid-Hudson Chinese Church, as well a few friends from other churches in the New York area.

We hope you will join us for this special and exciting trip to Israel. 


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  • "Dr. Emanuel was a Blessing. I learned so much from him. He is very familiar with Israel and the Holy Land. He is a walking dictionary as it pertains to the Bible. It is because of Dr. Emanuel's readings of the Bible and the way he connected various Holy Sites we visited to the Bible that I can now read the Bible with increased comprehension. The Trip to the Holy Land was wonderful. At no time did I feel we were in any danger during our visit. Among many of the joyful activities we participated in was being baptized in the Jordan River, sailing on the Sea of Galilee and floating in the Dead Sea. I cannot wait to return to the Holy Land with Dr. Emanuel."
    B.T., Israel Trip