Airfare is not included in the cost of your trip to Israel. You are responsible for the purchase of your own airline tickets to and from Israel. Below are the "official flights" of the tour. Tour scheduling is based upon these flights. The tour bus is scheduled to depart the Tel Aviv airport at 12:00 noon on February 15. If you do not take AC #84 as your arrival flight to Israel, your flight must arrive in Israel in sufficient time for you to depart for touring at 12:00 noon. 


If you submitted your Emmaus online application on or after July 10, you have been placed on a waiting list for this tour. The remaining spaces for the tour are being held for Wycliffe College students until the middle of September when college registration is closed. Should space become available in mid-September you will be moved from the waiting list to being a tour participant. The waiting list will be managed according to the date the application was submitted to Emmaus. If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to contact Dr. Judy Paulsen or Dr. Wink Thompson. If you are on the waiting list you are advised not to purchase your airline tickets at this time. 

14 FEB 2018
Depart Toronto (YYZ)
5:00 PM
AC 84 
15 FEB 2018 Arrive Tel Aviv (TLV) 10:15 AM  
26 FEB 2018
Depart Tel Aviv (TLV)
11:55 AM
 AC 85
26 FEB 2018
Arrive Toronto (YYZ)
4:55 PM



It is acceptable for you to take a flight that arrives in Israel prior to February 15. In such a case, you are to make your own overnight arrangements and you are required to return to the TLV airport by 10:30 AM on February 15. Meet in the Arrival Hall Lobby area designated below and be prepared for the 12:00 noon bus departure on February 15.  


You may purchase your airline tickets at any time, provided you submitted your Emmaus online application prior to July 10. If you are on the tour's waiting list you are advised not to purchase your airline ticket until informed by Emmaus to do so.  


Once you purchase your airline tickets you are required to send Emmaus your roundtrip flight schedule. This information will be used to coordinate arrival and departure administrative tasks. 


Upon arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV) follow the people exiting the plane. Many are locals or seasoned travelers to Israel. Your first stop will be Passport Control. You will receive your visa at this station. You will be handed a small visa document with your picture. Do not discard this document. Keep it until you board your plane for departure back to Toronto. After Passport Control is Baggage Claim. After Baggage Claim is the Arrival Hall Lobby. There are currency exchanges in Baggage Claim and in the Arrival Hall Lobby. It is recommended you exchange $150 CAD into Israeli Shekels for later incidental personal expenses. 


When you enter the Arrival Hall Lobby go to the right where you will find some seating. Remain in the vicinity of this seating area. Dr. Notley will collect you as a group around 11:45 am and escort you to the bus. The tour bus is scheduled to depart the Tel Aviv airport at 12:00 noon. If your flight arrives in Israel well before the recommended AC 84 flight, you may want to spend part of your waiting time in the pre-departure waiting area. Take the escalator up one level and follow the sign to Departures. Be sure to return to the lower level to meet the group for the 12:00 noon bus departure. 


A taxi from the airport to your hotel is $175-$200 USD. If your travel circumstances require you to take a taxi to the hotel, when you enter the Arrival Hall Lobby directly in front of you and over the main door is a sign that says "Taxi" – exit there. Once outside walk about 65 meters to the left until you see a "Taxi” booth and the attendant. See the taxi attendant for your taxi to your hotel. The taxi attendant will assign you a taxi and give you the exact cost. All private taxis are WHITE in color. Do not hail a taxi. Pay the driver upon arrival at the hotel. Tipping is optional at 5-10%. Here is your hotel information. Inbar Hotel, 38 Yehuda Street, Arad, Israel. The hotel phone number is 08-997-3303. If you know in advance that your flight schedule will not allow you to depart from the airport with the group, I will be happy to schedule a private driver to meet you at the airport to take you to the hotel. The cost of a private driver is about $300 USD. 


A bus transfer to the Tel Aviv airport will take place after breakfast the morning of February 26. If you schedule a return flight later in the day Emmaus will assist in arranging your airport transportation need. 

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  • "My trip to Israel was and will probably be the most memorable and thrilling trip of my life! I will never read the Bible the same as I now have a better understanding of the land, the people, the history, the Biblical perspective and so much more! Wink was so knowledgeable and adept at conveying the vast amount of information that he has acquired through his education and experience. After arriving at each of our destinations, we would be reminded to turn on our personal remote wireless headset and it was like having your own personal tour guide in your ear. It was wonderful, as you never had to worry about missing something he said! If you strayed from the group, you could always depend on Cris to help you find your way back. They make a great team! All the accommodations were fantastic and the food was always fresh, plentiful and delicious!"
    D.D., Israel Trip