The 2020 Wycliffe Reading Week trip to Israel is currently under construction.

The trip is being hosted by Dr. Wanda Malcolm of Wycliffe College and guided by Dr. Steve Notley of Nyack College.

A calendar link is provided for your preliminary viewing. Additional information will be posted as construction elements are completed. 

Wanda Malcolm
Professor of Pastoral Psychology
416-946-3535 x2557

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  • "Just to let you know that I was very pleased with the trip to Turkey . I hope to be able to take another trip with Emmaus in the future! I'm sending a picture of Steve Notley talking to the group about Acts 19 while in the theatre in Ephesus . The trip was well organized on both sides of the Atlantic. Dr. Notley was great, our guide and driver were very friendly. I was pleased with the schedule, even though I normally like more time to explore on my own time, I thought this was a good mix and did provide me with some flexibility. Based on my experience, I would definitely like to return to Turkey, and would definitely be interested in another Emmaus trip."
    R.W, Turkey Trip