Northbook Church Israel Trip
November 3-14, 2021

Rebecca and I invite you to join us for a fantastic adventure of exploring the roots of our faith in the nation of Israel walking the land that Jesus traveled. I recently made my first journey to Israel and it was a life changing experience! Our guide, Dr. Steven Notley, made the Bible come alive and offered a refreshing perspective on the Scriptures.

I’ve asked Dr. Steven Notley, a Bible professor at Nyack College, to be our guide.  His world-class biblical scholarship combined with his intimate knowledge of the land—including his archeological expertise and mastery of the three biblical languages—qualify him to be a tour guide you will want to follow long after the trip is over.  (Take a look at his attached credentials to see why he ranks among the best of guides for good reasons.  Go the the General Information tab to the Instructors tab.)   

Take some time to explore this website as many of the questions you may have are answered here. This trip is “first come, first serve” and is limited to 50 people. This is going to be a life-changing trip! 

Mike Bellanti
Pastor, Northbrook Church 
4014 Highway 167 W
Richfield, WI 53076
Phone:  262-628-3142

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  • "Rarely a day passes when I don't think of something we did while on that wonderful trip. During the past year I have received many invitations from churches, Bible study groups, men’s breakfast groups as well as secular organizations to share of my experiences in Israel. God is sure using our time together in Israel as means of sharing his word in ways I would otherwise have never had the opportunity to do. Interest in Israel here in my community is so high at present. I use a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate my message. Many of the photos I use come from the collection you so kindly gave us after our departure - again, thank you. One of your opening remarks I remember was that while we would be introduced to much while in Israel during the two weeks of the tour, we would probably spend a lifetime unpacking the experience in our Christian walk. I think of that often and I want to let you know that your words are proving to be so true. I look forward to one day accompanying Steve on another tour, perhaps back to Israel or even to Greece and Turkey. I am praying for your ministry and thank God for your work, may He continually richly bless you."
    M.T., Israel Trip