ITEMS TO BRING WITH YOU:  Shampoo, bar of soap, hat, work gloves, closed toed shoes (no flip-flops or sandals allowed at the excavation) and a pair of water shoes. Over the ankle shoes provide greater stability at the excavation site. For work gloves, a pair of gardening gloves, Nitrile-dipped gloves, or more heavy-duty gloves will be fine. Bring a bathing suit and standard towel for swimming and rafting opportunities and a hand towel for perspiration and cool down usage at the excavation. You are not allowed to remove a towel from our overnight residence. A 14-day supply of an electrolyte (rehydration) supplement will help you recover from exertion in the environment of Israel's hot summer months. An inexpensive paper dust mask will come in handy on certain occasions. 

SUGGESTED CLOTHING LIST:  Casual clothing is preferred. No dress up clothing is needed. There is no single list of clothing articles that can meet the needs of everyone. However, the list below can offer you some assistance on what would be appropriate to bring. A washer and dryer are available at our Migdal residence but laundry opportunities are limited. Housing staff has priority usage. Hand washing and a portable clothesline and clothes pins would be advantageous. 

                    1 pair of long casual pants or jeans
                    2 pair of shorts (no short-shorts)
                    4-5 t-shirts or working shirts/blouses 
                    socks as needed 
                    Underclothes as needed
                    Swim suit (one-piece swimsuit please; cultural sensitivity) 
                    Facial washcloths as needed  
                    Personal toiletry and medical items 

MODESTY KIT:  No “dress-up” clothes are needed. Casual wear is customary and more practical. Shorts are OK. No short-shorts please. Because we will be visiting “holy sites” there will be times when you (men and women) must dress more modestly (shoulders and knees covered). Portable “slip-over” or “wrap-around” or “zip-on” clothing is best for such occasions. This is your “Modesty Kit”. If you are wearing shorts, sleeveless tops or low-neck lines be prepared to use your Modesty Kit to enter certain religious sites having clothing regulations.

DAY BAG:  A day bag is simply a small light-weight back or shoulder bag that can manage your daily items while at the excavation or on the bus. Typical day bag items include sunglasses, hat, water bottle, modesty kit, camera, phone, earbuds, etcetera. There is no need to buy an expensive backpack. A TSA travel lock works great for portable locking. 

ELECTRICAL and PLUG ADAPTORS:  The electrical supply in Israel is 220 volts. Your small American appliances are 110 volts (hair dryer, curling iron, laptop, tablet and various chargers, etc.). Most American small appliances will convert the 220 volts down to 110 volts automatically. Check your electrical appliances in advance of departure. You will need several Type “C” plug adaptors for your small appliances. A Type “C” adapter is valid for Southern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. You will plug your appliance into the adapter and then the adapter into the wall socket.  



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  • "This trip has certainly made me want to plan to go again, and again, and again. I thought it would be a once in a lifetime trip, but now I’m thinking of it as a repetitive experience if I can work it out. I appreciated the opportunity to swim and experience the various waters and beautiful places – these were very special “in the moment” times/experiences in the Holy Land, which balanced the historical aspects we were getting. The accommodations were wonderful. I think I can speak for all of us in that we felt cared for and that our needs and comfort was being taken care of at all times."
    D.P., Israel Trip