Rise and Walk the Land:
In the Footsteps of Jesus

January 4 - 15, 2021  


 Jeff & Steve at Masada

Dr. Jeffrey Garcia and Dr. Steven Notley

I want to invite you to a life changing trip. One that will be both challenging and edifying to your walk with God; one that will help you to read the Scriptures in a revolutionary way. 
In January of 2021, Dr. Steve Notley and I, Dr. Jeff Garcia, will be leading a trip to the land of the Bible, Israel. Dr. Notley and I specialize in the ancient world of Jesus, having dedicated our careers to this pursuit. 
For us, the Incarnation is key and requires us as followers to take God’s entry into the world seriously. It means that culture, history, and the highways and byways of the land of Israel are intimately connected to the biblical story. 
"Rise and Walk the Land: In the Footsteps of Jesus” will introduce you to the land of Israel in both its ancient and modern contexts. You will travel quite literally, as the Bible describes, from Dan to Beersheva—that is the extent of Israel in the ancient period. You will be able to read the account of Abraham IN the city of Beesheva! And consider Jeroboam and the northern altar of Israel that he builds while standing in front of the archaeological remains of that altar! 
As we move through the land, we will consider Jesus’ ministry in the Galilee and put the Gospels back into their historical context as we stand on the shores of Galilee, see the archaeological remains of Peter’s House in Capernaum, and the newly discovered city of Bethsaida, which was the home of Peter, Andrew, and Philip. This time will be complemented by moments of worship and prayer in a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, at the Western Wall, and elsewhere. Our final journey on this trip we will be like Jesus as we set our faces to Jerusalem. There we will visit Bethlehem and the church of Nativity where Christmas is celebrated every December 25th. Walking Jerusalem's Old City we will view the ancient remains that lie below the city and tell us the story of Jesus’ last week. We will also have the opportunity to walk the Via Dolorosa (the “way of suffering”) as the Gospels describe and reflect about the meaning of the crucifixion and resurrection as we visit where these events occurred. 
All along the way, you will be introduced to modern life in Israel through the vibrancy and hospitality of its citizens, hearing from both Palestinian and Jewish voices. 
And these are just some of the highlights!
From experience, we know that you will have a wonderful time and pray that you will join us in January, 2021. 
We hope to see you there. 

Dr. Garcia 

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Dr. Steven Notley, Professor at Nyack College, Steven.Notley@nyack.edu
Dr. Jeffrey Garcia, Professor at Nyack College, Jeffrey.Garcia@nyack.edu
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  • "Can't thank you enough for your input in putting together our Israel adventure! Phil and I were absolutely amazed how beautifully the whole experience went. The schedule was full, but not overwhelming. Steve was incredibly flexible about tucking in extra sites as time allowed and interest was shown. He is an absolute treasure when it comes to guiding a group. Every site added to the richness of my understanding. I would hate to have missed any of them. Some of my sweetest memories where I was most touched were when we got our first glimpse of Jerusalem at sunset, with the driver playing the song " Jerusalem " on the bus. I was also incredibly moved to touch the Western Wall and have a chance to pray there. I hadn't expected such emotional responses in those places! One of the best parts of our trip was the timing. The Land was green and lush, with wild flowers growing everywhere. I think it really helped our group that Phil had us meet weekly before the trip and go over basic knowledge of the Land. That way we felt engaged before we even got there. The booklet you folks put together was also a great resource. To sum it all up, this was the trip of a lifetime for me! I was totally blessed by the experience and am sensing such new richness when I read the scriptures. Thank you for making it all possible. I know we will all be recommending the trip to our church family!!"
    L.A.O., Israel Trip